Aerosol Grenades

Aerosol Grenades
Aerosol GrenadesAerosol Grenades

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SABRE RED aerosol grenades are ideal for crowd control, cell extractions and area denial. Delivering up to 200% more OC per second than hand held sprays, SABRE RED aerosol grenades provide a practical and cost effective tool to disperse, deny and extract. Perfect for SWAT, ERT, CERT and Armed Forces operations. The very portable aerosol grenades provide immediate deployment and deliver a pungent 10% OC (1.33% Capsaicinoids). Can be placed upright for a vertical deployment and distribution pattern or placed on its side or tossed into a cell or room for a horizontal deployment and distribution pattern Available in 2 oz. canister that empties in just six seconds and covers up to 10,000 cubic feet within sixty seconds and a larger 5.0 oz. canister that empties in 14 seconds and covers up to 22,000 cubic feet in less than one minute.



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