Tactical Night Vision Binoculars NVS 15-3XT

Tactical Night Vision Binoculars NVS 15-3XT
Tactical Night Vision Binoculars NVS 15-3XTTactical Night Vision Binoculars NVS 15-3XT

The NVS 15 series of night vision binoculars have been proven in deployments in conflict zones and by peacekeepers around the world. All models utilize two advanced Gen 3 image intensifier tubes, with minimum, exportable FOM >1600, have a manual gain control system, built-in IR illuminator, auto shutoff mechanism and are fully MIL-SPEC. The NVS 15-3AG is an auto-gated unit while the NVS 15-3AGBW is auto-gated and produces a black & white image rather than the traditional green.

The NVS 15 series provides users with full depth perception and is ideal for vehicle operation and any other dark environment task requiring acute situational awareness. The modular design of the NVS 15 allows for the detachment of the left or right eye device while the proprietary bridge mount provides for interpupillary and other fine adjustments.

Each monocular module in the NVS 15 can be handheld, weapon, head or helmet mounted. With optional lens attachments that convert the NVS 15 into 3x or 5x binoculars and a full range of additional accessories, the NVS 15 series is the among the world's most versatile night vision devices. 

Accessories: Features:
NVS Bridge Battle ready
US Mount (optional) Superior optics
Headgear Easy to use
Neck Strap / Case / Lens cap Custom NVS Bridge
User manual / Warranty card Manual Gain Adjustment



Photocathode material


IIT resolution, minimum (lp/mm)


Signal to noise ratio, minimum



Magnification (x)


Field of view (°)


Objective F#


Objective focal length (mm)


Focus range (m)

0.25 - ∞

Eye relief (mm)


Diopter adjustment range

-6 to +5

Mechanics, Electronics & Environmental


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