Bunker Gear Bag with a Face Mask Pouch

Bunker Gear Bag with a Face Mask Pouch
Bunker Gear Bag with a Face Mask PouchBunker Gear Bag with a Face Mask Pouch
Our large Bunker Gear Bag with a Face Mask Pouch is ideal to store your equipment and supplies such as pants, coats, gloves as well as any helmet required for the job. The pouch on the side of our bunker gear bag is suitable to store a face mask. Made of a strong and durable material, these turnout gear bags are long lasting and water repellent. The pockets allow you to store the essentials you need to access quickly. Handles made of seatbelt webbing ensure that the bag is comfortable to carry.
Made of 1000D red cordura Strong and durable material with polyurethane backing that is flame retardant. 
#10 black zipper on three sides with two sliders Allows for easy access and longer durability than a single slider zipper. The pull tabs helps increase grip when opening and closing the bag.
1000D red cordura divider (14”D x 13”H) 9” from right end of bag Allows for separation and organization of contents. 
Three #1 spur grommets on each 36” side of bag (left, centre, right)  Allows for ventilation.
Black 2” pp web handles all around bag.   The wrap around feature supports the bag all around to ensure a secure hold.
Grip area has 6” strip of Velcro to tack handles together.   Easy to grip and carry. 
On each side of bag, corresponding hook/loop strip to tack handles to side of bag. Keeps handles out of the way when accessing contents of bag. 
Bottom of bag has black 2” pp web along full length in centre. Creates additional strength. 
Custom printing of crests (portrait orientation) in centre of lid  Crest can be read when bag is hanging upright. Crests can be sewn on. 
Printing Can be customised
  • Dimensions: 36”L x 15.5”H x 14”D
  • Available colors are: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Gold, Forest Green, Red, Orange, Burgundy, and Lime Green.      
  • SKU #: FIRE-02 - Bunker Gear Bag, with Face Mask Pouch


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